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Since many decades, Symfonic Wind Music Orchestra ‘Koninklijke (Royal) Sophia’s Vereeniging’ belongs to the top of Dutch wind music orchestras.

Making music together at the highest possible level is the joint hobby that unites the members of this orchestra. Its repertoire is diverse: besides works specially composed for wind music, also transcriptions of famous symfonic compositions are performed. The orchestra also performs productions together with solo performers, choirs and representatives of other art disciplines. International performances took place in, inter alia, the Boston Symphony Hall (US), the Hermitage Theatre in Sint-Petersburg (Russia), and also in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain. Since end 2015, the orchestra – for many decades continuously conducted by famous conductors like Heinz Friesen and Jan Cober – is inspiringly and professionally conducted by Jos Schroevers.  Jos started his musical career in 1996 at the Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam. The Master-course Orchestra & Opera Conducting, afterwards followed at the Conservatory in Tilburg, was CUM LAUDE concluded. In 2011, Jos was the winner of the prestigious Dutch Conductor Prize of the Kersjesfonds. This Prize was granted in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Jos has been conductor of, inter alia, the Dutch Reisopera, Sinfonia Rotterdam, National Youth Orchestra, the Orkest van het Oosten, the Residentie Orkest and the Gelders Orkest.



Own Choice
  • Traveler - David Maslanka
  • The Firebird - Igor Strawinsky
Test Piece
  • Mouvements Frénétiques - Alexandre Kosmicki
Koninklijke Sophia’s Vereeniging


Jos Schroevers

Jos Schroevers

His musical career started in 1996 at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam, where he studied classical percussion with Jan Pustjens, Marinus Komst and Peter Prommel. From 2005 Jos started to focus on Orchestral and Opera Conducting. During the Master's program in Orchestra & Opera Conducting at the Zuidelijke Hogeschool der Kunsten in Tilburg, his development gained momentum. In 2012 Jos graduated CUM LAUDE and in 2011 Jos was the winner of the prestigious Dutch Conductor Prize of the Kersjesfonds, which was awarded in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

In recent years, Jos has worked as a conductor with various professional organizations such as the Nederlandse Reisopera, Sinfonia Rotterdam, National Youth Orchestra, Het Orkest van het Oosten, the Residentie Orkest and Het Gelders Orkest. In 2015 he conducted the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy and in 2016 with the South Netherlands Philharmonic. Jos is currently chief conductor/artistic director and co-founder of the National Youth Harmonie Orchestra, chief conductor of Sophia's Vereeniging from Loon op Zand and symphony orchestra Musica Orkestvereniging from The Hague.



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