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Defending Champion - Winner ECWO 2023 Amiens, France.

Musikkforeningen Nidarholm from Trondheim was founded in 1924.

The members are aged 19 to 67, and a fine blend of amateurs, music students and professional musicians. The band has made good musical progress during the last decade, and won the Norwegian National Championship in 2019, an achievement which was repeated in 2022.

The band's vision is to always provide the best possible musical experience for both the band and the audience, and the repertoire chosen maintains a high musical level.



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1. Dirty Dancing - Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
2. An Gé Fhiáin (The Wild Goose) - Ryan George
3. Goldberg 2012 - Svein Henrik Giske

Musikkforeningen Nidarholm


Trond Husebø

Trond Husebø

Originally a viola player, Trond Husebø studied at the Academy of Music in Oslo, before turning his attention to conducting under the guidance of Professor Ole Kristian Ruud. He started his career as assistant conductor of the world-renowned Bergen Philharmonic, and quickly established his reputation as a noteworthy and energetic conductor.

Today Husebø is widely recognized as a versatile and acclaimed conductor, and has established himself as a regular guest in Norwegian and international orchestras over the last decade. He is also one of the most experienced conductors for film music in Norway, and recordings conducted by Husebø have received several nominations.



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