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Since its founding in 1978 by the Concert Band Association of Baden-Württemberg, the Landesblasorchester Baden-Württemberg (Wind Orchestra Baden-Württemberg, LBO) has presented itself as one of the most successful symphonic bands in Germany. It consists of 80 musicians and the band comes together for four intensive weekends to rehearse for its upcoming concert programme. Numerous international prizes and CD productions attest to the enduring excellence of the band.

Among LBO´s most recent successes was its first prize in gold with distinction in the Concert Division at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade (2005, NL). In 2011, the band also won the 2nd International Symphonic Band Competition in Berlin.


  1. Bachseits – Johannes Stert
  2. Cerebral Vortex – Øyvind Moe
  3. Symphonic Dances opus 45 (1st and 3rd movement) – S. Rachmaninow, arr. Douglas McLain
Landesblasorchester Baden-Württemberg


Björn Bus

Björn Bus

At a young age conductor Björn Bus began as percussionist before taking up the trombone. He studied the trombone at the music conservatories of Maastricht and Aachen. He studied conducting with Alex Schillings and Jan Cober at the music conservatories of Groningen and Maastricht in the Netherlands. In 2011, he received a master’s degree with honours.

At the World Music Contest in Kerkrade (2009, NL), he won the bronze baton, conducting the Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine (Dutch Marine Wind Band). Currently, Bus conducts many orchestras in the Netherlands and the professional wind ensemble Helicon. Bus became the LBO’s musical director in 2014.



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