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The Koninklijke Harmonie van Peer is a symphonic wind band with a rich history, founded in 1849. More than 120 musicians are given the opportunity to develop musically at a top amateur level. The band houses three orchestras (introductory, youth and senior) that are widely known for their progressive approach.

Beside  traditional  Spring-  and  Christmas  concerts,  the  band  developed  some  innovative concepts (e.g. ‘Music for Kids’ and ‘Notes and Beats’) fostering the accessibility of wind band music for a broad audience. As a cultural ambassador for their region, the band also made concert tours in Italy, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Hungary and China.  

The  musical  programme  of  the  symphonic  wind  band  focuses  mainly  on  contests  and competitions. Recent participations resulted in wins at the Certamen International (Valencia-Spain, 2016) and Vlamo Open Wind Band Championships (Belgium, 2019) and in numerous honorable places in competitions at home and abroad.



Own Choice
  • Where Angels Fly - Kevin Houben
  • I Shall Love But Thee - Jan Van der Roost
Test Piece
  • Mouvements Frénétiques - Alexandre Kosmicki
Koninklijke Harmonie van Peer


Kevin Houben

Kevin Houben

Since September 2015, the orchestra is conducted by the Belgian conductor and composer Kevin Houben (°1977). Houben obtained a master’s and a teaching degree in trumpet (with Leon Pétré), solfege and chamber music (with Leo Ouderits), a master’s in hafabra (Harmony, Fanfare,  Brassband)  and  a  master’s  in  orchestral  conducting  (with  Edmond  Saveniers)  at LUCA School Of Arts - Campus Lemmens (Belgium). In addition, he trained in composition, harmony and polyphony (with Jan Van der Roost, Luc Van Hove and Jan Hadermann).

Since the completion of his studies, Houben’s music has become a favourite in the repertoires of various orchestras in Europe, America, Australia and Japan. With his compositions, Houben won several awards and composition contests.  

Houben is also a renowned conductor, having worked with various professional orchestras and ensembles during recordings and at concerts all over the world. Recent examples are his work  as  orchestrator  for  the  Belgian  festival  Tomorrowland  with  the  National  Orchestra  of Belgium and his position as musical director with the symphonic orchestra La Passione for the dance performance Le Temps Perdu by top choreographer Isabelle Beernaert.

Since  2020  Houben  teaches  Orchestration  and  Instrumentation  at  LUCA  School  Of  Arts  - Campus Lemmens (Belgium) together with Ivan Meylemans.



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