Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn

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Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn is widely considered as one of the world's finest community concert bands. Over and over again, critics have lauded its unique velvet sound. The orchestra was founded in 1863 in Thorn, a Dutch historic village with a flourishing cultural life. St. Michael received numerous 1st prizes in both national- and international competitions. During the last decades, the orchestra gave more than 200 performances in over 50 different concert halls, at home and abroad. Many CD’s as well as TV and radio recordings demonstrate the orchestra’s musical quality.



  1. Dionysiaques - Florent Schmitt
  2. Mutations - Bart Picqueur
  3. Feste Romane - Ottorino Respighi

Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn


Ivan Meylemans

Ivan Meylemans

The conductor is maestro Ivan Meylemans. He made his first appearance with the orchestra as a trombone soloist back in 1996, and since 2005 as a guest conductor. In 2013 the orchestra appointed him as chief conductor. Meylemans is without any doubt one of the most versatile, exciting and dynamic conductors to emerge in Europe in recent years.



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